Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well November is almost over and I just realized....I didn't document October.  Also my plan of keeping "notes" has proven to be a challenge as well!...needless to say we have been super busy!

*NAP CHANGE!!~ the babies were taking 3 naps a day...but short maybe 45 min...sooooo I changed the schedule and now we are napping from 10-12 and 2:30-3:30...and I usually have to wake them up at 3:30 to go get the older kids from school...this schedule is working great for us! I have time in the mornings to get myself ready:) and in the afternoon to pick up house or do whatever needs to be done....also I started after school the older kids alternate one watches/plays with the babies from 4:30-5:30 and the other one unloads both dishwashers....this hour of "freedom" allows me to pick up and get dinner when Andy comes home the house isn't near as chaotic as it used to be:) it's working wonderfully and helping keeping my panic attacks down...

* CELEBRITIES!~ October was "multiples" in the local Peek a Boo magazine...the babies had an article in it:) they were the only triplets in the magazine and it just felt like a huge milestone:) WE WERE MAKING day at a time but we were doing it:)

*"BUSINESS" owner~ sooo as if I didn't have enough to do during my day...I decided to start a block making side gig in my house..."BLOCK*party" ... the response continues to amaze me! I have been busy filling orders and making gifts from the minute I went public with it...and I'm loving it!....this does so much for my mindset:) I'm able to do something to save money for my oldest's trip to England with her school in a year...and I'm able to scratch that interior design itch I always have!

We also started a RACK'ed (random act of Christmas kindness) project in our house...we have done 2 so far put I'll post details in the next blog...I can say we are enjoying this project so very much!...being blessed and being a blessing is what we are trying to teach our kids!

My mommy tip of the month!~ on the day you don't wash your hair (we all have them:)) do a crockpot meal...the time you don't dry you hair and don't cook in my house saves me almost 2 hours! that's an extra 2 hours to play!!!

I guess that's it for now! thank you guys for everything!

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