Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well November is almost over and I just realized....I didn't document October.  Also my plan of keeping "notes" has proven to be a challenge as well!...needless to say we have been super busy!

*NAP CHANGE!!~ the babies were taking 3 naps a day...but short maybe 45 min...sooooo I changed the schedule and now we are napping from 10-12 and 2:30-3:30...and I usually have to wake them up at 3:30 to go get the older kids from school...this schedule is working great for us! I have time in the mornings to get myself ready:) and in the afternoon to pick up house or do whatever needs to be done....also I started after school the older kids alternate one watches/plays with the babies from 4:30-5:30 and the other one unloads both dishwashers....this hour of "freedom" allows me to pick up and get dinner when Andy comes home the house isn't near as chaotic as it used to be:) it's working wonderfully and helping keeping my panic attacks down...

* CELEBRITIES!~ October was "multiples" in the local Peek a Boo magazine...the babies had an article in it:) they were the only triplets in the magazine and it just felt like a huge milestone:) WE WERE MAKING day at a time but we were doing it:)

*"BUSINESS" owner~ sooo as if I didn't have enough to do during my day...I decided to start a block making side gig in my house..."BLOCK*party" ... the response continues to amaze me! I have been busy filling orders and making gifts from the minute I went public with it...and I'm loving it!....this does so much for my mindset:) I'm able to do something to save money for my oldest's trip to England with her school in a year...and I'm able to scratch that interior design itch I always have!

We also started a RACK'ed (random act of Christmas kindness) project in our house...we have done 2 so far put I'll post details in the next blog...I can say we are enjoying this project so very much!...being blessed and being a blessing is what we are trying to teach our kids!

My mommy tip of the month!~ on the day you don't wash your hair (we all have them:)) do a crockpot meal...the time you don't dry you hair and don't cook in my house saves me almost 2 hours! that's an extra 2 hours to play!!!

I guess that's it for now! thank you guys for everything!


Lucky 7: OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS!: Well November is almost over and I just realized....I didn't document October.  Also my plan of keeping "notes" has proven to be a challenge...

Monday, October 8, 2012

OcTobEr 2012

So I decided I can't keep up w/the blog as things happen:) my new goal is keeping notes of highlights and do a month at a time! Soooo in September a few exciting events occurred .

*how many ibuprofen can you ingest to be harmful??? I got that answer from the nicest guy at poision control.  I have been a mom for 13 years now and I had never had to call poision control! In the span of under 3 minutes as I was working on a puzzle w/Ryder, Carson yelled frantically "mommy! Mommy!". I run to my bedroom to find Cruz and Driver with an opened bottle of ibuprofen ! I had Ryder in my arms... As I set him down to pick up the pills I couldn't get them up fast enough! Now I'm panacking with 6 little hands grabbing them faster than I can. I yell for Carson to take all the babies out of the room.... Yell for Rylie to get me the number to poision control... It appears most of them were sucked on then spit out. As I get on poision control I text Andy to get home now!(I'm literally about to have a breakdown!) long story for a 25 lb baby you would have to consume 11 pills! 11! I felt confident they had not digested that many so I started breathing again:)... We watched them carefully. None of them had any issues and you know that guy called me back at bedtime just to check on the babies. He kept me calm through the entire phone call and called back to check.... That day "poision control guy" was my angel!

* September also was the start of a new school year for the older kids. We decided to put the babies in a mom's morning out on Thursdays. They are loving it! I alternate keeping one out and we have a "singleton" day. The last Thur of the month they all go and mommy gets a free day! This schedule has helped immensely with the guilt I was feeling not being able to give them individual attention:)

* this month we also purchased airline tickets for our family vacation. This will be the babies first time on a plane and I'm already getting heart palpitations trying to get through security w/3 toddlers! Any tips would be appreciated!!!!:)

I guess that sums up this month. Of course day to day we always have drama and adventure but these are the highlights:)

Also I'm trying to think of monthly tips to help the mommy's out!
This month's tip~ I leave the diaper bag stocked (we don't get out but a few times a week) in the car ... I don't haul it in and out of the house is what I'm saying...
Also I keep 3 pairs of shoes in the car.... I don't put on babies shoes until getting out of car seat... I found putting them on before leaving I spent another ten min trying to find the one they lost between the bedroom and the door and who it belonged to! This has cut down on my time it takes to get out of the house:)

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My BiRthDaY2012

If I could ever figure out how to post pics this would be so much better!!!! I'll work on figuring it out:) haven't been on in awhile. We have been on vacation to the beach, just the 2 of us... All 5 kids stayed a week at my parents.... There's a special place in heaven for them!!!
  This past Sunday was my birthday. I love birthdays. Growing up my mom always made sure birthdays were celebrated in a big way... After all you only get one day a year that's all about you:)... Most people do anyway, however in my family, it's a bit different.... That whole "your day" see like my daughter and my mom share a birthday.... Like my triplets share a birthday.... I share a birthday with my little brother:) we are 13 years apart.... He just turned 23.. You do the math.. Hahaha
Anyway I think that's why my parents always made a big deal about the day.... To make us feel special. I laugh about this now but here's how this last birthday went.....
-5:30am Ryder got his leg stuck between the slats on his crib... He has such a chubby thigh that by the time ingot him unstuck he was crying so I brought him in bed with us to prevent waking everyone up (trust me if he was a singleton I would have let him cry it out cuz momma doesn't do 5:30am!)
So he's laying in total darkness with us.... I thought he dozed off... Then I hear "dada" "papa" "momma"... We r up for the day
- 7:30 am driver has such a blowout diaper I'll spare you the details but I had to scrub the carpet and my arm up to my elbow after
- 8:00am my mom calls to wish me a happy birthday:) I glance over and cruz has daddy's coffee just going to town.... Luckily it wasn't hot but I have no idea how much he drank
This is all before 9:00am morning nap!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day at the zoo

So I decided to take the kids to the zoo today... In Tulsa. This is an hour and a half bathroom cleaning lady was coming today so the day was going to be awesome... Or so I thought. One baby wakes up at 6am... Ok I can do that... Crawl in bed with us, Cheerios and cartoons...6:20 another baby wakes up....ok... As I'm walking into the kitchen to get 2/3 some milk I notice what the dog left in my path. Number 1 and number 2 "gifts" by the dog and I haven't had coffee yet. Mind you I need to leave the house with everyone in tow by 9 so that the babies will sleep for nap time during the drive and then well get there right at lunch time and can eat before going in to avoid a 10.00 hot dog x 5....
Clean up the dog "present" baby 3 wakes up... 7:00am. I hand out cups and hop in shower (thinking if I get my shower while the hubs is still here it will be easier) the babies have taken to crawling into the shower lately (for so long they were too timid) so one by one I holler for someone to get a baby.... I need to be dressed and ready to feed babies breakfast by 8.
8:00 I'm ready (as good as its going to get) start the babies Brkfst and wake up the older kids. Remember I need to leave by 9... Cleaning lady is coming at 10.... In the next hour here's my life..... Feed 3 babies, feed myself, watch my teen walk around the house and look in the dryer oh idk maybe 8 or 9 times looking for a particular pair of shorts that I apparently should know where they are because I'm the "mom"... My son is pouring raisin bran and asks "does this have raisins in it??? I don't want raisins" my response "well it's called raisin bran sooooooo"
Get 3 babies dressed... Teen still roaming.... Pack a diaper bag... Pack a snack bag....
9:20 we are loading up... Not bad! We are off!!! I get an hour down the road.. Babies are sleeping and I get pulled over!!!! I got a lovely ticket for a 61 in a 55... I was more upset that he woke up the babies!!! Ugh
Now I had asked my teen to get the address for the zoo... She has entered that in the gps then proceeds to go to sleep ... My thinking is I'll get to the zoo then look around and find a fast food place around. I cruise in to where the gps says... I look around. There is a building closed and all grown up and a statue of a rusted gorilla! I wake my teen up ... "when you got the address was it a current address????" now I decide , let's get food then I'll find the zoo.... I push in the gps a hamburger place 1.1 mi away.... Well that was a building boarded up and the sign falling down.... Ooookkkk I put Arby's in the gps... Go down another 4.4 mi... There's no Arby's!!!!! Nothing is there!!! I just start driving... We stumble upon some food ... Take another drive to the "original" zoo... Finally find a sign to get us there!!!!
Good news... The kids had a blast at the zoo... And my bathrooms are clean:) long day but we did it. I'm leaving out the diaper changing issues and all the comments and questions from strangers:)

Thankfully all 5 of my kids are great in the car!!!;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopping for 3!

I get asked all the time... "do you have to buy three of everything???".... In line at Walmart a few weeks ago I met a woman that was best friends with a mom of twins. She started asking questions such as " how much formula we went through".... "How did I feed all 3 at once".... Here's how we did it:)

No you do not need to buy 3 of everything. Buy one then decide who likes it... We bought 1 swing... 1 Johnny jump up... 3 vibrating chairs and 3 bumbo pillows. We alternated them around so they never got bored. Obviously you need 3 car seats. We did not buy the infant ones that you carry (you can't carry 3 at a time anyway) . We spent the money and bought 3 car seats that went all the way up to booster...well "how did you get them out of the car?"... Enter my invention:) laying in bed for weeks and weeks you think about things...ALOT! I thought "how can I get through my day by myself without help??? I'm blessed to have a garage so leaving them in the car in say a car port or drive way wasn't an option... Still with a garage I really didn't want to make 4 trips each time I came or went. I grew up in a house where we went to the laundromat every Sunday. I spent many hours in those laundromat baskets on wheels with the poles... Playing around. It dawned on me... Why couldn't I have one of those to cart the babies in and out of the house???? I didn't even know if these still existed. I thought I'll have to find a laundromat owner and ask to buy one.... Then I googled it. YOU CAN BUY THESE THINGS NEW!!! I was so excited! My mom bought us one for my baby shower and let me just tell you... They are 1 yr old and there isn't a day that goes by I haven't used that! To and from the house to the car.... When they wouldn't calm down for me to cook dinner... They each have loved sitting in it ... It has been a life saver! I'm able to get 3 babies, a diaper bag, a purse and a snack bag out to the car in one trip! Genius if I do say so:) and I don't mind telling you my hubby thought I was crazy when I first started talking about it ... Since... he has been very impressed:)

MUST HAVE #2.... Again laying in bed on bed rest , I watched a lot of tv. One of my favorite shows at the time was on TLC "living with multiples".. Oddly I haven't been able to find the show since... Hmmmm
Anyway, a woman had triplets. Her doctor set her up on a playdate with another set of triplets he had delivered aboutb5 years prior. These moms met ... One 5 years into her triplet adventure and one with newborn triplet baby girls:) the mom of the older ones gave her a gift.... Milk maids.... I immediately got on google and found these puppies at 20.00 a piece... I had to have them!!!! (I'll try and post a pic)... If you buy nothing at all spend the money and purchase these!!! I was able to nurse one baby (yes I nursed them for 4 months:)...another post) and feed the other two bottles .... Or my husband could feed all 3 and I could fold laundry or whatever! They were a God-send!!! I am actually ,today, mailing 2 of them to the lady I met at Walmart with the best friend that had twins:)
Remember it takes a whole village! Praying it brings her the relief they once brought me:)

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today we took the kids to a NICU reunion. I had no idea what to expect but I was hoping to see a few nurses:) if you have every had a baby spend any amount of time in the NICU unit you know how special these people are. They care for your baby (babies) in those crucial very scary times. What an awesome opportunity to go back and them see the babies growing! We loaded everyone and headed to the convention center. We got there the same time a family with twins arrived.... I knew then... This was going to be emotional! We walked in and immediately saw the speech therapist:) the babies were all smiles and putting on a good show:) as time went on more and more families arrived. I have never taken my babies health for granted... I know how very blessed we are by the grace of God that we have 3 healthy babies. However, this reunion brought a visual for me that brought tears to my eyes. The babies started playing on the floor with the other kids... Chasing balls... Watching bubbles....crawling and rolling and laughing... As I'm taking pictures and getting every opportunity to document this time:) I stop for a minute and look at the surroundings. There is a little girl with Downs... There is a little boy with leg braces.... There is a twin in a helmet.... There is a baby with eye fighting the tears. All of the children in this room are happy so very well loved. I can't help but say a prayer right then and there.... I don't know how we got here ... But thank you. I left so very thankful. It's hard for me to put into words. I will say if you get the chance to attend a reunion with the very people that cared for your little one please do. I hope everyone has a great weekend!